About Toci


Toci OÜ is one of the leading Baltic manufacturers of profiled and sheet metal products used in the engineering industry. Various products needed for marine navigation and ensuring its safety also make up a remarkable part of our output.

Toci OÜ is the official supplier of Vestas, a Denmark-based manufacturer of wind power plants. We also have contracts with the Norwegian Coastal Administration Kystverket which provides sea rescue and pilot services, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Defence Forces. In cooperation with the logistics department of the Norwegian Defence Forces, we develop and produce weapon brackets for vehicles. We manufacture a variety of metal products for the Shell filling stations located all over the world. The products are made to endure extreme conditions, and this has established stringent quality requirements for our plant. Quality of products is ensured by the entire team’s devotion to meeting the aforementioned requirements.


Bisnode, a leading enterprise operating in the field of preparing credit ratings, assigned credit rating AA to Toci OÜ in 2018. The rating indicates that the enterprise is solvent, our financial situation is very good and the commercial risk very low.

Toci OÜ is one of the most successful Estonian enterprises providing metalwork and laser cutting services. Over the past years, we have achieved a manifold growth in turnover. In the past two yeas, we have also significantly increased exports to Scandinavian and Central European countries, improving our competitive strength and the high quality of our output.

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