Toci OÜ operates in compliance with the strict requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN1090 standards. The enterprise employs specialists in the fields of production, automation, quality and production control.

We are constantly developing our work processes in order to provide the best manufacturing services in our area of activity. In cooperation with clients and suppliers and by developing employees and technology, we are moving towards achieving our goals and improving our service.

Professional and motivated employees along with equipment, which is regularly maintained on the basis of maintenance schedules, form the foundation for fast and smooth production. Our high quality standards are also confirmed by audits carried out at our enterprise by our major clients.

Environmental protection is extremely important for our enterprise. We care for the nature and contribute to its preservation. We have planted trees with our employees and organised working bees for clearing rubbish. Ground source heating and natural gas are used to heat and cool the buildings. In addition, the passenger cars of our enterprise run on gas, which is less polluting to the environment. Half of our welding machines already have a new technical solution – the equipment, which was introduced to the market this year, requires nearly twice as little electric power than older devices.


The aim of each employee in Toci OÜ is to carefully follow and fulfil the requests of our customers.

Upon fulfilling our orders, we take the customer’s expectations and requests into account.
The quality, price and schedule are agreed upon according to the information received from the customer.
We are constantly analysing customer satisfaction with regard to our products and the sales process.

All employees are responsible for their work.
Throughout the entire process, it is our aim to avoid any mistakes and execute error-free projects at once, in accordance with the expectations of our customers.
It is of vital importance to detect errors at early stages of the manufacturing process, to avoid processing and delivering a non-compliant product to the customer.



The management of the company sets clear goals for carrying out the quality policy, thus ensuring the continuous improvement of the management system.
In order to carry out the quality policy, we offer systematic development opportunities and training to our employees.

The management and employees are committed to using all tools and materials in an environmentally friendly manner and continuously developing the mind-set and activities preventing pollution and increasing cleaner production and service in the organisation.
We comply with environmental laws and requirements in our daily activities.
Our employees are kept up to date on environmental issues and their solutions.
We also ensure that all information on any environmental impacts is available to all interested parties.

The more important environmental aims of our enterprise are:
• recovery of materials,
• minimising the amount of waste,
• minimising the utilisation of substances polluting the environment. Toci OÜ has prepared a so-called blacklist of environmentally hazardous substances, which are never used in production at our enterprise.